Baydur® 110

Cost-effectiveness and Performance

The name Baydur® 110 denotes a compact technopolymer for reaction and injection moulding (RIM), which is characterised by excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness, making it possible to produce low-cost items requiring mechanical strength, resistance to impact and thermal strain, as well as weathering, compactness and ergonomics.

Obtained through the combination of two components, polyol and isocyanate, Baydur® 110 has important advantages in several respects:

  • Short moulding cycles, thanks to the use of temperature-controlled aluminium moulds, so that, in addition to being highly competitive in tooling costs, it also reduces the use of release agents, with significant benefits in terms of both time savings and pollution; it is also assessed as having zero impact on the ozone layer and classified as non-hazardous waste
  • Manufacture of low thickness products with high rigidity and high mechanical strength
  • Structural strength that allows it to be used for self-supporting parts, therefore replacing wood or metal parts.
  • Ideal for medium/large and even small series production (from shoe soles to boat hulls)
  • Design and design versatility, also thanks to the high quality of the surface finish that can meet aesthetic and visual impact requirements in the case of coatings or paints
  • High density enables even several figures to be uniformly injected into a single mould, making it particularly suitable for parts with complex shapes
  • Good flame behaviour: if supplemented, it reaches Class VO UL94

Below is the data sheet with the specific reference values:

Density of printed material 1100 g/l
Side thickness 3-12 mm
Minimum draft angle
Plastic shrinkage 0,5-0,8%
Shore hardness D 75-77
Tensile strength 50 MPa
Bending strength 58 MPa
Elongation at break 14%
Impact resistance 57 KJ/m2
Thermal stress resistance 105 C°
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 100×10-6 k-1
Water absorption <0,6% 24H
Flammability UL94 V0 class
Flammability according to DIN 4102 B2 class

Prevalent and recommended applications of Baydur® 110:

  • General casings, casing parts and technical housings for many uses: electro-medical, industrial electronics. automatic devices, refrigerators.
  • Heavy-duty structural platforms.
  • Carrier frames for LCD monitors
  • Upholstery for the following sectors: furniture, naval, contract, motorbike, medical, office seats and backrests, sports and leisure, and thermal-acoustic insulation.
  • Automotive and construction machinery sector.
  • Filter frames

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