Baydur® 60

Characteristics and benefits

Baydur® 60 is a technopolymer foam for reaction moulding (RIM), with a density of 600g/l, that proves particularly versatile in its uses as it is suitable for the production of medium- and large-sized objects with variable thicknesses, allowing for executions that combine rigidity-lightness and functionality with design..

Being able to allow different thicknesses to coexist in the same moulded part results in a number of advantages, including reduced costs for both the design and the mould. On the subject of benefits, it is worth examining the benefits of Baydur® 60 in more detail.

One outstanding feature is the sandwich structure, which provides high mechanical strength combined with a low specific weight. This is combined with the lightness determined by the special composition, which has the advantage over other materials of obtaining much lighter elements with the same dimensions. In the area of physical-mechanical performance is the dimensional stability at varying temperatures of use.

Among the qualities of Baydur® 60 is the uniformity that is generated as the reactive mixture expands in a closed mould, forming a compact surface with an integral skin with a cellular core; the moulds are then ready for any subsequent application of colouring and aesthetic finishes.

Thanks to its good adhesion properties, Baydur® 60 can also be combined with other materials. From a strictly technical point of view, Baydur® 60 has the following characteristics:

Moulded product density 600 g/l
Side thickness 4-20 mm
Minimum draft
Plastic shrinkage 0,4-0,7%
Shore hardness D 69
Tensile strength 18 MPa
Breaking strength 32 MPa
Elongation at break 8%
Impact resistance 16 KJ/m2
Thermal stress resistance 101 C°
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 73×10-6 k-1
Flammability class according to UL94 V0
Flammability class according to DIN 4102 B2

Applications and uses

With its optimal balance of weight, cost, and physical-mechanical properties, Baydur® 60 is ideal for a wide range of applications and uses.

Thanks to its thermal stress resistance, for example, it is particularly suitable for use in areas where temperatures reach very high values, even over 100 degrees, as well as in lighting and professional coffee machines in the vending sector

The following other main uses can also be listed:

  • Enclosures for technical uses, such as electromedical equipment
  • Window frames
  • Trolleys for professional beautycare
  • Ski hubs
  • Coffee machine casings
  • Multimedia totems
  • Armchairs, chairs and technical parts.

As a summary note, it can be said that Baydur® 60 takes its rightful place among the most suitable contemporary materials for creating even complex ideas of design and technology, while offering the guarantee of excellent performance levels.

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