Nuova Esterno Mobili, a successful company operating in the furniture industry, has been producing structural rigid polyurethane products under the Delta Poliuretani brand name for several years.

The experience gained over time combined with state-of-the-art equipment and a proven network of collaborators enable Delta Poliuretani to supply its customers with moulded and painted items at a quality level that can meet the highest demands.

The company is led by a young, dynamic staff who are aware of the possibilities that polyurethane can express in various fields of application, ranging from electro-medical equipment to furniture, electronics to coffee machines, and from the automotive industry to extractor hoods.

In recent years, the company has invested heavily in digitisation and ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ facilities to improve production efficiency, management and control. We have optimised production processes and increased our production capacity.


Delta Poliuretani covers an area of 3600 square metres and is organised into two moulding departments. In the first, we use technical polyurethanes with a density between 600 and 1000 kg/m3, generally cast in aluminium moulds placed on hydraulic presses. In the second department, we use lower-density polyurethanes. In this case, the production takes place using iron-resin moulds made by our own staff in our in-house workshop.

We have 6 high-pressure foaming machines and 5 automatic presses of different sizes that allow us to respond to customer needs with maximum flexibility and efficiency. We can produce mass-coloured products; moreover, the colouring is uniform throughout the batch because our foaming machines have a control unit that injects the colour in controlled quantities, directly into the high-pressure mixing head.

Negli ultimi anni l’azienda ha investito molto nella digitalizzazione ed in impianti “Industry 4.0 ready” per migliorare l’efficienza, la gestione ed il controllo della produzione. Abbiamo ottimizzato i processi produttivi ed aumentato la nostra capacità produttiva.

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