Polyurethane in the food and gastronomy sector

Among the various sectors in which polyurethane is profitably used today are also the agrifood and gastronomy sectors, areas in which this material has enabled revolutionary innovation thanks to special machinery and production processes to attain results that could not be achieved with other methods and technologies until now. The characteristics of this type of polyurethane include:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to hydrolysis (water, steam, moisture, acids and solutions) and to
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Suitability for contact with oils, animal and vegetable fats

The advantages

Food-grade polyurethane is the optimal answer to a number of needs and projects in the agri-food sector that can currently be reformulated in a more cost-effective manner.

What specifically are these advantages?

To list only the main ones, one can mention, in addition to those in terms of lower energy expenditure, the economic and business benefits in the sense of lower costs: this is possible in relation to production, which requires limited use of resources and energy compared to other materials, with regard to the components of machinery and production lines, and also for handling, given its light weight. A further advantage deriving from the use of polyurethane in the sectors we are talking about concerns the ease of assembly, even in the case of complex processing, without any limitations related to the presence of mechanical or sheet metal parts.

Applications and uses

Certified food-grade polyurethane, free from components banned in processes where there is contact with edible products, is used in the processing of a wide range of raw materials and food products such as grain, flour, animal feed, coffee, milk powder, sugar and cocoa. It is also increasingly used in a wide range of projects and applications related to the agrifood and gastronomy sector.

Delta Poliuretani and food-grade polyurethane uses

Aware of the importance of providing its customers with the most suitable and reliable products to meet the specific needs of each company, Delta Poliuretani products also respond to requests from the food industry. Particularly with regard to the production of coffee machines and components for machines in the refrigeration industry, such as ice cream showcases that benefit from the ability of food-grade polyurethane to withstand high temperature fluctuations.

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