Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane paints are paints with special properties, and among these are those of resistance and durability, so that they are particularly suitable for furniture, objects and, in general, surfaces that are subject to heavy wear or need to be preserved with a protective layer as delicate walking areas such as parquet. Polyurethane paints are appreciated not only for their chemical and physical resistance and durability, but also because they are easy to apply, have excellent levels of transparency, and high adhesion capacity, so they can also be used on uneven surfaces on which it would be difficult to work with other types of products. Polyurethane paints are divided into two broad categories, one-component and two-component, which differ in that the former do not need to be mixed and are mainly suitable for indoor use, while the latter need two products to be mixed together, a hardener and a resin solution, and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor applications.

Use of polyurethane paints: where and why

Polyurethane paints are excellent for the restoration of wood and metal. They are also used with excellent results in the shipbuilding industry on materials that need paints to make the vessels waterproof and resistant to salt and wind. They are also suitable for the construction sector for aesthetic finishes and for treating surfaces exposed to weathering and wear.

Delta Poliuretani and painting

Delta Poliuretani has its own paint shop covering 3400 square metres. Its main equipment includes a painting carousel, five pressurised booths, two drying ovens and an anthropomorphic robot.

poliuretano espanso rigidoDelta Poliuretani is therefore able to provide customers with painted products with the widest choice of surface finishes (matt, glossy, embossed, pearlised, two-tone, etc.). Other possibilities include water transfer dipping, high-gloss painting
electrostatics, widely used in electronic devices. The company is able to supply products with an anti-bacterial finish that is particularly suitable for devices used in the medical-surgical field.

Delta Poliuretani also offers a paint-only service for any type of object and surface (sheet metal, ABS, thermoformed parts, etc.).

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