Polyurethane: a material that knows how to make itself indispensable

Polyurethane, a member of the polymer family, is an extremely versatile material; so much so that it can be used in a wide range of sectors to make products with different properties and functions. A great many objects, tools and structures that are indispensable to our daily lives are made using polyurethane, ranging from the home to the workplace, from leisure activities to means of transport and being present in the health and hospital sectors as well as in the clothing, building, agrifood and gastronomy sectors.

Polyurethane in the furniture industry: a continuing success

Over the years, polyurethane has maintained a constant attractiveness and enduring success in the furnishing sector, thanks to the qualities and multiple characteristics that enable considerable technical and aesthetic advantages to be gained from its use. This plastic material makes it possible to:

  • create various complex shapes and make both large and small elements,
  • produce lightweight items and objects with an attractive design, even with undercut parts,
  • apply a variety of surface finishes (glossy, matt, embossed, water transfer dipping, etc.),
  • be perfectly paintable with all types of paint
  • co-mould fastening solutions such as metal or plastic threaded inserts (lead screws, pins, snap fasteners, etc.),

These possibilities identify polyurethane as a material that is ideally suited for use in the vast and varied production of this sector.

Polyurethane and design: a perfect match 

Design and polyurethane moulding are a perfect pairing, outlining in this combination the fundamental elements that define the contemporary conception of furniture design: versatility, functionality, efficiency, originality, mass reproducibility, cost-effectiveness and resistance, all factors that are precisely at the basis of the modern vision of design and realisation of furniture and furnishing accessories. This combination, due to the peculiarities it expresses, offers numerous opportunities for innovation and experimentation and this is why many internationally renowned designers and companies in the furnishing and design sector invest in polyurethane, considering it a material capable of portraying the most creative ideas and suitable for the realisation of the most advanced projects, being light, yet capable of withstanding high stresses and pressures.

Polyurethane and furniture products: comfort, design and reliability.

The furnishing sector has been able to grasp the potential and advantages of polyurethane, designing products that combine aesthetic, functional and safety requirements, thanks to the characteristics of lightness that allow freedom of artistic expression and design, while full reliability and comfort are guaranteed by the high resistance and ability to withstand stress and pressure. This mix of factors gives rise to furniture that is part of our everyday life, meets our tastes and whose benefits and value we appreciate in terms of pleasantness, style and functionality of use, such as:

  • Stools
  • Seats
  • Tables
  • Sofas
  • Lamps
  • Shower heads
  • Desks
  • Armchairs
  • Lamps

Delta Poliuretani and the furniture industry

Delta Poliuretani is the brand under which Nuova Esterno Mobili s.r.l. produces articles in structural rigid polyurethane. The manufactured products are successfully used in many sectors, including the furniture industry, where the company makes customers’ project and design ideas a reality, responding promptly and professionally to the specific requirements of this production field. Many years of collaboration with design studios also enables Delta Poliuretani to support customers in the creation phase of new products.

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