Quality and efficiency

In the medical sector, there is a well-established use of polyurethane to make a wide range of devices. The reasons for choosing polyurethane for medical and biomedical equipment are related to the material’s extreme resistance to both weight and physical shocks, such as biological attack and chemical substances, while at the same time being lightweight and therefore suitable for manageable constructions

Aesthetics and technology

In the medical field, of course, the materials used need to meet specific and high standards of cutting-edge technology, safety and quality, and polyurethane meets these requirements thanks to a series of characteristics that include, among other things, thermal insulation properties with resistance to high temperatures, in addition to robustness. Polyurethane is also used in this sector because it guarantees maximum efficiency, not to mention an excellent aesthetic result in which planning, quality, design and technology come together in the service of high-performance products.

A blood-compatible material serving the medical sector

Many devices in the medical sector must be blood compatible, i.e. they must be able to remain in contact with blood even for prolonged periods of time, integrating without causing intolerance or rejection reactions, without releasing substances, undergoing modifications or giving rise to harmful phenomena. It is therefore essential to use a material that can meet these requirements and polyurethane is widely used in this field as, with its characteristics, it is able to
allow the establishment of favourable interactions.

Delta Poliuretani and the Medical Sector

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile material and even in the medical field it lends itself to numerous uses and realisations that in this particular and delicate sector presuppose technological and professional skills, such as to be able to create avant-garde medical supports that are always efficient, precise and especially reliable for the safety of operators and patients.

Delta Poliuretani is able to create a wide range of products with the above-mentioned characteristics and, working alongside specific companies in the medical sector, can proceed comprehensively from project development to the ultimate realisation of medical products, instruments and supplies. Every year, Delta Poliuretani is therefore able to present innovative solutions at a high level in the medical device sector, focusing mainly on:

  • hemodialysis
  • lung ventilators
  • diagnostic tools
  • laboratory instruments

In particular, Delta Poliuretani offered its services, alongside the Siare company, to manufacture lung ventilators in intensive care units to enable many people to breathe and save themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic virus.

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