Polyurethane characteristics

Polyurethane is a plastic material with very interesting chemical and physical properties. Some of the properties found in polyurethane moulded objects are listed below.

  • High resistance to mechanical stress.
  • High surface hardness.
  • High resistance to moisture.
  • Wide temperature range that can be endured without changes in shape or physical characteristics
  • Perfectly paintable with all types of coating
  • Chemically inert in contact with many organic and inorganic substances
  • Excellent electrical and acoustic insulation
  • Recyclable

Polyurethane is also a very versatile material because it is possible to:

  • produce complex profiles, even large ones, with varying thicknesses,
  • create lightweight products,
  • co-mould fastening solutions such as metal or plastic threaded inserts (lead screws, pins, snap fasteners, etc.),
  • produce items with an attractive design even with undercut parts,
  • apply a variety of surface finishes (glossy, matt, embossed, water transfer dipping, etc.),
  • lower investments in tooling; depending on the print runs and characteristics of the objects to be moulded, there is a choice between resin moulds or aluminium moulds.
Poliuretano espanso rigido
Poliuretano espanso rigido

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