Delta Poliuretani is engaged in the industrial production of items made by moulding polyurethane, a very versatile chemical material derived from plastics. There are two types: Rigid polyurethane and flexible polyurethane. Delta Poliuretani uses rigid polyurethane foam.


The distinctive elements of polyurethane are: 

  • Insulating properties
  • Acoustic insulation properties
  • Resistance to large temperature fluctuations
  • Ability to withstand high pressure loads
  • Vapour resistance (humidity)
  • Resistance to chemical and biological agents (paint, chemicals, mould)
  • Ability to remain intact over an extended period of time

poliuretano practiceNIn industry, it is used to produce a wide range of objects. These can range from thermal insulators for household appliances, to coatings for items (furniture, cars, rollers, tyres, etc.) to memory foam mattress interiors. Polyurethane is widely used for the production of machinery for the medical sector. Polyurethane is the perfect combination of material and design, thanks to its lightness that allows for special supplies while playing with aesthetics. This is why it is increasingly appreciated and used by interior designers for bookcases, lamps, kitchen extractor hoods. Polyurethanes contribute to resource conservation because, although they are derived from petroleum, they not only have a long lifespan (over 50 years), but are also fully recyclable

Rigid Polyurethane Foam: Production

In particular, we can observe the production of rigid polyurethane foam, a foam with closed-cell polymer structures. This foam is sprayed and pressed into a mould, with the aid of specific equipment, waiting 20 seconds for it to harden. General process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. are then set and constantly monitored. All this is aimed at obtaining products with high quality and flexible equipment to reduce customer response times and production costs, which is why rigid polyurethane foam is now considered a technological material with many positive and advantageous aspects. 

Delta Poliuretani systems

Our company has invested heavily in digitisation and state-of-the-art ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ facilities to increase efficiency and optimise management by increasing production capacity. The systems are equipped with automatic emulsifiers for polyol (chemical compounds) for continuous control of the polyol-to- air ratio and a colour control unit that allows the pigment to be injected directly into the foaming head. 

The company covers an area of 3600 square metres, divided into two moulding departments according to the different densities of the technical polyurethanes used. There are 200 moulds available, and the iron resin moulds used in the lower-density polyurethanes department are made by our staff in our in-house workshop.

We also have 6 high-pressure foaming machines and 5 presses of different sizes to meet the different needs of our customers. We are also able to produce mass-coloured products with uniform colouring throughout the batch because our foaming machines have a control unit that injects the colour in controlled qualities directly into the high-pressure mixing head. Thanks to our systems and equipment, it is therefore possible to produce complex profiles, even large ones, in different shapes and thicknesses.

Our services:

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