Technical articles in polyurethane

When we talk about technical polyurethane items, we usually mean a large number of fundamental elements and components that are used on various machines in a variety of sectors and products created for various uses, including common, everyday ones. 

In fact, there are various technical-industrial applications where polyurethane, thanks to its characteristics such as low weight, flexibility, lasting resistance to wear, and the possibility to create shapes with varying thicknesses and complex geometries, is particularly suitable for use.

Delta Poliuretani and fields of application 

Delta Poliuretani is led by a qualified and experienced staff that is well aware of the countless possibilities for using polyurethane in the areas mentioned above, which can range from electro-medical equipment to furnishings, electronics, coffee machines, the automotive industry, laboratory machines, ice-cream parlour showcases, fitness consoles, and from extractor hoods to shower heads.  

In recent years, the company has therefore invested heavily in digitisation and ‘Industry 4.0 ready’ facilities to improve production efficiency, management and control, optimising processes and production capacity.

The electro-medical, biomedical and dental fields can benefit from the extreme resistance of technical polyurethane items to both weights and physical shocks, such as biological attack and chemical substances, while also exploiting their light weight, which translates into practical and manageable items. In addition to the high safety and efficiency standards of technical polyurethane articles, the aforementioned area can also benefit from the potential to impart a distinctive aesthetic value to medical devices.

In particular, Delta Poliuretani is able to create a wide range of items with the above-mentioned characteristics and, working alongside specific companies in the sector, can proceed comprehensively from project development to the ultimate realisation of products, tools and supplies.

The company currently working on increasingly innovative realisations with regard to:

  • lung ventilator
  • diagnostic tools
  • laboratory instruments
  • hemodialysis

Being light and resistant, polyurethane is a material that also allows versatile use for solutions, performance, and the creation of furniture items, allowing on one hand, the a perfect combination of design freedom and practical use, and on the other, to obtain products capable of withstanding considerable stresses and pressures.

To manage this sector, Delta Poliuretani, in addition to its many years of collaboration with design studios, has specific qualified resources to deal with feasibility studies and technical analysis and finally arrive at the production phase using next-generation systems in which it is possible to set and monitor the general parameters of the production process: all this allows us to be flexible in order to reduce customer response times and obtain articles of various types and high quality.

Technical articles made of polyurethane also find their way into the electronics sector, for example in the production of mobile speed cameras and projectors, while another use concerns covers for inverters.

It is evident, from this albeit brief excursus, how technical articles in polyurethane are able to meet a diversified range of operational and production requirements in a wide range of fields and sectors, responding to specific needs in a timely manner in terms of effectiveness, safety and reliability. 

Thanks to its moulding, assembly, and manufacture of moulds and prototypes, Delta Poliuretani is able to create a wide range of products. For more information on this, please refer to this link.